Promoting responsibility and good sportsmanship in the breeding, training and exhibition of the Dutch Shepherd Dog under the breed standard established by

the United Kennel Club in 1995.

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Mission Statement and Purpose of the Dutch Shepherd Dog Club of America


The purpose of the DSDCA shall be to promote responsibility and good sportsmanship in the breeding, training and exhibition of Dutch Shepherd dogs in the United States and surrounding areas under the breed standard established and approved by the United Kennel Club in 1995.  Our goals are:


A.   To serve as the United Kennel Club National Breed Association for the Dutch Shepherd


B.   To educate members and to urge breeders to adhere to the standard of the breed as approved by The United Kennel Club as the standard of excellence


C.   To confer honor upon worthy Dutch Shepherd dogs and their owners/trainers, and to aid members of the Club to attain UKC conformation and performance degrees through cooperative training and mutual support


D.   To promote fair play and good sportsmanship over individual gain, and to join the competitive spirit within the fun environment of United Kennel Club events


E.   To provide a forum for fellowship and friendship among owners and fanciers of the Dutch Shepherd breed in the United States and around the world


To fulfill this Mission, we promise:


1)   To hold licensed UKC events that will be run in accordance with all the rules, policies and procedures of the United Kennel Club. (This includes, but is not limited to, Breed Standards and the rules for all Conformation and Performance events.)


2)   To promote and encourage the breeding, training and showing of UKC registered Dutch Shepherds by communicating with DSDCA members through club member newsletters, health and breed seminars, internet websites, social media pages, etc.


3)   To strive and maintain the Dutch Shepherd breed as a breed separate and distinct from others of similar origin due to the breed’s unique physical conformation, body type, working qualities and other unique characteristics.  


4)   To promote general health and genetic awareness within the breed by supporting health-related studies related to the Dutch Shepherd.  Gather and disseminate information and data from relevant scientific research in canine genetics and psychology pertinent maintenance, development, training, breeding and enhancement of the Dutch Shepherd breed.


5)   To promote the physical health of the breed through recommended breeding criteria which take into consideration evaluations for canine Hip and Elbow dysplasia certified by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (commonly known as “OFA”) and genetic testing for Dutch Shepherd IM: Inflammatory Myopathy (Myositis), the results of which are also listed on the OFA website.


6)   The club will not hold any other registry’s events on the same day/location as that of any UKC event without the prior approval of UKC.


7)   To dismiss from our membership without hesitation those who violate these by-laws and the principles of good sportsmanship including fair and honest conduct.


8)   We reserve the right to refuse any entry in our competitions, as well as membership in this Club to any individual, at the discretion of the Board of Directors, and members.  However, no person will be refused entry or membership on a basis of race, color, creed, religion, gender, age or national origin.


We offer membership at NO COST.


To be eligible to become a Dutch Shepherd Dog Club of America member you must own a UKC registered Dutch Shepherd and provide the UKC registration number and registered name along with any UKC titles earned in UKC conformation/performance sports on your dog(s).


Please join us!  Your membership will include the DSDCA newsletter and allow you opportunities to network with other Dutch Shepherd owners and admirers all over the world!

    The following video is shared with permission.
    Dutch Shepherd “Touché” PD1 PA CH Schefflers C’est Touché Cher Car BTr - UKC #1 Dutch Shepherd Sire, UKC TOP 10 Dutch Shepherd 2008 #7 tied)
    Dutch Shepherd “Rush” (URO1 UAGI P2 PD1 FO Vrijheid’s Adrenaline Rush BTr (Rush) UKC #1 Dutch Shepherd Dam)
    Dutch Shepherd “Lothar” (CH Cher Car’s Mr. Right Now - UKC TOP 10 #1 tied Dutch Shepherd 2011)
    Dutch Shepherd “Siren” (CA UNJ CH Chercar’s Lights’N Siren v Mosen CSAU BTr CGC -  UKC TOP 10 Dutch Shepherd 2010 #4 tied, 2011 #1 tied)
    Dutch Shepherd "Cayenne" (BIMBS CH Cher Car’s Roja Caliente - 1st Dutch Shepherd awarded BEST in MULTI BREED SHOW)
    Dutch Shepherd “Becker” (UJJ UAGII URO3 CH Cher Car’s It’s My Perogative CSAU CGC - UKC #7 Dutch Shepherd Sire, UKC TOP 10 Dutch Shepherd 2008 #5 tied)
    Dutch Shepherd “LaBelle” (P1 PA FO GRCH Marshall’s LaBelle of Cher Car CGC - UKC TOP 10 Dutch Shepherd 2007 #1, 2008 #2 tied, 2009 #2, 2010 #1)
    Dutch Shepherd “Nada” (UAGI CH Cher Car’s Don’t Be Fooled CSAU BTr CGC - UKC TOP 10 Dutch Shepherd 2010 #7 tied)
    Dutch Shepherd “Snap” (URO3 UCD UAGI UJJ GRCH Cher Car’s Snap Decision BH CSAU CGC - UKC #8 tied Dutch Shepherd Dam, UKC TOP 10 Dutch Shepherd 2008 #10, 2010 #4 tied, 2012 #2, 1st Dutch Shepherd titled in 4 UKC venues of conformation, obedience, agility & rally)
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    Used with permission from Dog World Graphics – Kosice, Slovakia
    Used with permission from Dog World Graphics – Kosice, Slovakia