Promoting responsibility and good sportsmanship in the breeding, training and exhibition of the Dutch Shepherd Dog under the breed standard established by

the United Kennel Club in 1995.

DSDCA Members

Board of Directors and Officers:


Cheryl Carlson (President) - St. Johns, Michigan

Breeder/owner/handler ROM-XX PTN USJCH UAGII URO3 CH Cher Car’s It’s My Perogative BTr CSAU CGC (Becker) UKC #2 Dutch Shepherd Sire, UKC TOP 10 Dutch Shepherd 2008 (#5 tied)


Breeder Cher Car's Uno (Uno) PSD K-9 Quincy Illinois Police Department


Owner/handler CH Alpha v Mosenthal (Alpha) UKC TOP 10 Dutch Shepherd 2010 (#4 tied)


Breeder FO Cher Car's Dash Into Danger (Dash) PSD K-9 Battle Creek Michigan Police Department


Breeder Cher Car's Taser (Taser) PSD K-9 Lake County Michigan Sherriff Department


Breeder Cher Car's Dutch (Dutch) PSD K-9 Wyoming Michigan Police Department


Breeder Cher Car's Duke (Duke) PSD K-9 St. Johns Michigan Police Department


Breeder USJ URO1 StarsN Stripes v Cher Car FR1x (Zilla) UKC TOP 10 Dutch Shepherd 2010 (#6 tied), PSD K-9 Michigan State University Police Department, East Lansing Michigan 


Owner ROM-III CH Cher Car's Step Away D' Harbor (Gemma) UKC TOP 10 Dutch Shepherd 2013 (#10 tied), UKC #9 Top Producing Dutch Shepherd Dam


Breeder Cher Car's Chase (Chase) PSD K-9 Osceola County Michigan Sheriff Department


Breeder Cher Car's Zoe (Zoe) PSD K-9 Harrisburg County Pennsylvania Police Department


Owner CH Cher Car's Dexter du Vandalia (Dexter) UKC TOP 10 Dutch Shepherd 2016 (#9)


Breeder Cher Car's Macey Gray (Macey) PSD K-9 Chicago Transit Authority


Breeder Cher Car's Baron (Baron) PSD K-9 Clare County Michigan Sheriff Department

Breeder Cher Car's Dylan (Dylan) PSD K-9 Cheltenham Township (PA) Police Department


Owner/handler HIT SC AN UMJ CH Cher Car's The Scandal of Scandal (Scandal) UAD 2018 National MASTER Jumper Champion, UAD 2018 National MASTER ELITE Fetch-It Champion



Lori Webster (Vice-President) - St. Johns, Michigan

Owner/handler ROM-XX PD1 P1 PA FO CH Schefflers C’est Touché Cher Car BTr (Touché) UKC #3 Top Producing Dutch Shepherd Sire, UKC TOP 10 Dutch Shepherd 2008 (#7 tied), UKC's only CHAMPION Dutch Shepherd PD1-POLICE DOG


Owner/handler Multi-HIT ROM-XX NN URO1 UAGI P2 PD1 FO Vrijheid’s Adrenaline Rush BTr (Rush) UKC #1 Top Producing Dutch Shepherd Dam, UKC Rally 1 Obedience All-Star 2011 (#40), UKC's First Dutch Shepherd PD1-POLICE DOG


Owner/handler ROM-XX CH Cher Car’s Mr. Right Now (Lothar) UKC #1 Top Producing Dutch Shepherd Sire, UKC TOP 10 #1 (tied) Dutch Shepherd 2011


Breeder/owner/handler ROM-X UAGI CH Cher Car’s Don’t Be Fooled BTr CSAU CGC (Nada) UKC #4 Top Producing Dutch Shepherd Dam, UKC TOP 10 Dutch Shepherd 2010 (#7 tied), 2011 (#4 tied)


Breeder/owner/handler ROM-XX BIMBS CH Cher Car’s Roja Caliente (Cayenne) First Dutch Shepherd awarded BEST in MULTI BREED SHOW, UKC #2 Top Producing Dutch Shepherd Dam


Breeder Cher Car's Bajah (Bajah) PSD K-9 Hillsdale County Michigan Sheriff's Department


Breeder Cher Car's Tori (Tori) PSD K-9 Orleans County Vermont Police Department


Breeder/owner/handler SN UAGI USF GJJCH CA URO1 Cher Car's Just Try To Keep Pace (Picante) UAD 2014 National JUNIOR Champion, UAD 2015 National JUNIOR Vice-Champion, UAD 2015 National FETCH-IT 3rd Place Champion (tied)


Breeder Cher Car's Jax (Jax) PSD K-9 Kaplan Louisianna Police Department


Breeder Cher Car's Rocky (Rocky) PSD K-9 Kaplan Louisianna Police Department


Breeder Cher Car's Jonah (Jonah) PSD K-9 Orleans County Vermont Police Department


Breeder Cher Car's Ryker (Ryker) PSD K-9 Osceola County Michigan Sheriff Department


Breeder Cher Car's Magelyn (Maggie) PSD K-9 Wickenburg Arizona Police Department


Breeder Cher Car's Echos of Reggie (Echo) PSD K-9 Morrice Michigan Police Department


Owner/handler CH Cher Car's Ledger du Dragon Noir (Ledger)


Breeder/owner/handler CH Cher Car's Lady Marmalade (Voulez)


Breeder Cher Car's Reaper (Reaper) Narcotics Detection & Active Shooter Response - Ovid-Elsie (MI) Area Schools 

Owner/handler Multi-HIT URO1 PTS AN UUF UMJCH Cher Car's Exceptional Find (Ekon)




Carole Field (Secretary) - St. Johns, Michigan

Co-Owner/handler UJJCH PA CH Cher Car's Rush To Touch(é) Épée CGC TDI (Épée) First Dutch Shepherd DUAL CHAMPION (handled in conformation only)


Owner/handler ROM-X AN URO3 UCD UAGI UJJ GRCH Cher Car’s Snap Decision BH CSAU CGC (Snap) UKC #3 Top Producing Dutch Shepherd Dam, UKC TOP 10 Dutch Shepherd 2008 (#10), 2010 (#4 tied), 2012 (#2), First UKC Dutch Shepherd titled in the 4 UKC venues of conformation, obedience, agility & rally, First UKC Dutch Shepherd GRAND CHAMPION to produce GRAND CHAMPION offspring


Breeder Cher Car's Mongo (Mongo) PSD K-9 Michigan Department of Corrections


Breeder Cher Car’s Princess Isabella (Izzy) PSD Cadaver K9 (NNDDA-National Narcotic Detector Dog Association)


Breeder CH Cher Car's Sir Reggie (Reggie) PSD K-9 Morrice Michigan Police Department


Breeder Cher Car's Canada Goose (Goose) 2014 British Columbia Search Dog Association TOP DOG (Certified in Avalanche and Wilderness Search) and JIBC (Justice Institute of British Columbia) Narcotics Detection Dog


Breeder Cher Car's Blitz (Blitz) PSD K-9 Jasonville Indiana Police Department


Breeder Cher Car's Havoc (Havoc) PSD K-9 Cheboygan County Michigan Sheriff Department
Breeder Cher Car's Echo (Echo) PSD K-9 Hillsdale City Michigan Police Department


Breeder Cher Car's Aleida (Aleida) PSD K-9 Clare County Michigan Sheriff Department


Owner ROM-I UUF USJCH UNJ CH Cher Car's Me and My Arrow (Arrow), UAD 2016 National SENIOR Jumper Champion, UAD 2016 National MASTER ELITE Fetch-It Champion


Owner/handler Multi-HIT RBIMBS AN PTS URO1 CH Cher Car's LaRue du Dragon Noir (LaRue) UKC TOP 10 Dutch Shepherd 2016 (#8)


Breeder Cher Car's Isaiah (Isaiah) PSD K-9 Maricopa County Arizona Sheriff's Posse


Breeder Cher Car's Lucifer (Lucifer) PSD K-9 Montgomery Texas Police Department


Breeder Cher Car's Kona (Kona) PSD K-9 Auburn Alabama Police Department


Breeder Cher Car's The Sky's The Limit (Jet) PSD K-9 US Department of State


Breeder Cher Car's Lizzy (Lizzy) PSD K-9 Department of Homeland Security (TSA Explosives Detection - Mobile Alabama)


Breeder Cher Car's Eclipse (Eclipse) PSD K-9 San Antonio Texas Police Department


Breeder Cher Car's Fade (Fade) PSD K-9 Virgo County Indiana District 7 Task Force (Evidence & HRD)


Breeder Cher Car's Blue (Blue) PSD K-9 Evart Michigan Police Department 



Kelly Reed-Lucas, Esquire (Director, Legal Counsel) – Riverdale, Michigan

Owner/handler ROM-X NGRCH RBIMBS UUFCH PTS SI AN CA UAGI URO1 USF GSJCH GRCH Cher Car's Some Like It Hot (Chanel) UKC #5 Top Producing Dutch Shepherd Dam, UKC TOP 10 Dutch Shepherd 2013 (#10 tied), 2014 (#5), 2016 (#3), UAD 2017 National Master Elite FETCH IT Champion


Breeder/owner/handler URO1 NC USJCH CH Cher Car's One Singular Sensation (J'adore)




Karen Wroblewski, DVM (Director, Veterinary Counsel) – New Hudson, Michigan

Owner/handler Multi-HIT EC MI SN URO3 UAGI UJJ CA CH Cher Car's Vincent Van Gogh CGC TDI (Vinnie) UKC TOP 10 Dutch Shepherd 2013 (#8 tied)


Owner/handler Multi-HIT EN URO1 RATO CA Cher Car's One Percent Chance (Harris)


Owner/handler RBIS CH Cher Car's Don't Stop Believin' (Journey) UKC TOP 10 Dutch Shepherd 2017 (#6)


Owner/handler NBOB BISS NE NC CH CH Vrijheid's Virtue (Trexie)

Owner/handler Cher Car's Look to the Future





Club Members:

Laurie Allsup - Menlo, Iowa
Owner/handler Cher Car's Blue Lunar Rush
Tom & Kathy Ballard - Howell, Michigan
Owner/handler IntCH/NatlCH MBISS MBIMBS RBIMBS URO1 GRCH My Girl Tessa of Cher Car CGC (Tessa) UKC TOP 10 Dutch Shepherd 2013 (#6), 2014 (#1), 2015 (#1) UKC's winningest BEST in SHOW Dutch Shepherd (V1 6x, BIMBS 5x, BISS 2x- conformation)

Brittany Behm – Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan

USJ CA CH Cher Car’s Scrappy Doo (Nika) UKC TOP 10 Dutch Shepherd 2016 (#7), UKC TOP 10 Dutch Shepherd 2017 (#7)

Diana Buckley - Cowley, Wyoming
Owner/handler Battle Axes Gretchen
Kenneth Burgi - Dayton, Ohio
Owner/handler BIMBS CH Cher Car's Cara Princess of Chaos (Cara)
Randy Deering - Madison, Wisconsin
Owner/handler Cher Car’s Marley of Mad Town
Pat Chery – East Falmouth, Massachusetts

Owner/handler URO1 UOCH UUDX Springfalls Duchess SPOT ASCA-UD TDI CGC (Duchess), UKC Utility Obedience All-Star 2013 (#45), UKC Utility Obedience All-Star 2016 (#40), First Dutch Shepherd to earn United Utility Dog degree, first Dutch Shepherd United Obedience Trial Champion, first Dutch Shepherd United Utility Dog Excellent


Owner/handler URO1 UUD S'Thunderroad Dans Le Harbor SPOT ASCA-CDX CGC

Larry Cleveland - Rindge, New Hampshire
Owner/handler CH Twinpath Backdraft
Dana Conley – Bath, Michigan
Owner/handler PTE AN UACHX UNJ CH Cher Car's Juul (Juul)
Toni Lee & John Cooper – Ada, Michigan

Owner/handler UAGI Cher Car’s Sadie van Oort

Owner/handler Cher Car's Roman

Vicki Davis – Auburn Hills, Michigan

Owner/handler Cher Car's Dragon Flyer BTr CSAU CGC TDI (Dragon)

Owner/handler NN Cher Car’s Don’t Believe Me Just Watch (Ranger)



Pam DeWild - Grand Haven, Michigan
Owner/handler Cher Car's Miss Willow De Willow



Ken Dilg - South Lyon, Michigan
Owner/handler Cher Car's Tru Blue Anja
Owner/handler Cher Car's True Blue L.E.O.



Laura Endres - Kalamazoo, Michigan

Owner/hander UCDX Cher Car's Thunderbolt CDX, TD



Eileen Fernandez - Barrington, New Hampshire

Owner/handler RBIS UMJ UAGI UCH MACH2 Cher Car’s Roxy on Fire MXG MJS XF SSA DM (Roxy)



2018 AKC TopDogs™ in Agility MACH Competition TOP DOG in BREED



Lucas Finfrock - Yorkville, Illinois

Owner/handler AC NN PTE CZ8P4 RATCHX6 RATI Cher Car’s Jax SPOT-ON (Jax)

BHA 2016 TOP DOG in BREED-tied (Barn Hunt Association)

BHA 2017 TOP DOG in BREED (Barn Hunt Association)

BHA 2018 TOP DOG in BREED (Barn Hunt Association)

Most titled Dutch Shepherd in BHA-Barn Hunt Association



Karen Hall - Pensacola, Florida

Owner/handler Cher Car’s Lothar & Gemma’s Chai RM



Robin Harville - Hilliard, Florida

Owner/handler Cher Car's ZZ Over The Top



Kurt & Heather Hebeler - Ovid, Michigan

Owner/handler UUJCH USJ Cher Car's Criminal Intent (Mafia) UAD 2015 National SENIOR ELITE Jumper Champion, UAD 2016 National MASTER Jumper Champion


Owner/handler Multi-HIT URO1 EI SN USJCH CA CH Cher Car's I'm Your Blind Spot (Mayhem) UAD 2018 National MASTER Catch-It Champion



Julie Ingram - Buckeye, Arizona

Owner/handler CH Cher Car's Panthera Shasta



Charlie Johnson - Haslett, Michigan

Owner/Handler ROM-XX RBIMBS PTE EC ME SV AN USJCH UCD CA UWP URO3 UAGI GRCH Luna van Cher Car CGC (Luna) UKC #6 Top Producing Dutch Shepherd Dam,  UKC TOP 10 Dutch Shepherd 2011 (#3) and 2013 (#1), First Dutch Shepherd GRAND CHAMPION Super Dog (distinction for earning titles in the 5 UKC venues of conformation, obedience, agility, rally and weight pull). First dog (of ALL breeds) titled in every UKC event open to all-breed competition (conformation, obedience, agility, rally, weight pull, lure coursing, dock jumping, and nosework).


Owner/handler Multi-HIT NBOB NCH BISS UUF UUJCH EC EV EI MN URO1 CH Cher Car’s Malicious Intent (Malice) UAD 2017 National Ultimate FETCH-IT Vice-Champion, UAD 2017 National Ultimate CATCH IT Champion (and NEW World Record Holder), UKC TOP 10 (Breed) Dutch Shepherd 2017 (#4), UAD 2018 National Ultimate CATCH IT Champion, UAD 2018 TOP Distance DOG in BREED, UAD 2018 TOP Catch-It DOG in BREEDUAD 2018 TOP Fetch-It DOG in BREED


Handler URO1 NC GRCH Cher Car's Double Tap (Clip), UKC TOP 10 (Breed) Dutch Shepherd 2018 (#8)



Delaney Johnson - Haslett, Michigan

Owner/handler UCD USJ CA PTE SI SV SC AN UAGI URO3 Cher Car’s Gift of Freedom (Griffin) 2014 UKC TOP Junior Performance Handler - No. 5 Rally Obedience, No. 7 Obedience, No. 25 Agility, UAD 2014 National CHECKERS (Service Dog) Jumper Vice-Champion, 2015 UKC TOP Junior Performance Handler - No. 7 Rally Obedience, No. 16 Obedience, UAD 2017 National Master Elite FETCH IT Vice-Champion
Sherri Kast - Ovid, Michigan
Owner/handler Cher Car's I Am Legend SPOT


Sean Kent - Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Owner/handler Multi-HIT EC SI AN CA EHD UCD URX UROC CA ABI-Jr CH Cher Car's Clud Nine SPOT CGC NTD ITD ATD ETD, UKC Rally 1 Obedience All-Star 2016 (#38), UKC Rally 2 Obedience All-Star 2017 (#46), UKC Rally 3 Obedience All-Star 2017 (#35)



Teri Knack & Steve Strzalkowski

Owner/handler Multi-HIT RBIMBS UCD MV MI SN EHD PTE URO3 CH Cher Car's Strzalkowski SPOT (Hunter) TOP Junior Puppy Champion of the Year 2016 (ABI)



Paula Krause - Harrison Township, Michigan 
Owner/handler UJJ Cher Car's Splash-Crash-Ride FD FDX FDCH FDCH-S FDCH-G FM FMX MBD MBDX MBDXCh  MDCh-S MBDCh-G MBM TF TF-I TF-II TF-III TFE TFE-I TFE-II TFE-III TFP TFP-I TFP-II TFP-III TFFC (Sabian) 2014 U-FLI TOP DOG in BREED (United Flyball League International)




Owner/handler UMJ Cher Car's Keep The Beat Gretsch TF-III



Leslie Kucinskas - Saline, Michigan

Owner/handler Cher Car's Duchess of Woodland Court SPOT, NSDA-National Search Dog Alliance SAR K-9 (HRD)


Judith Lipton, MD - Redmond, Washington
Owner/handler Cher Car's Arya Tara


Claudia Marbury - Klamath Falls, Oregon
Owner/handler Phoenix’s Rising Star v CherCar


Jackie Marshall – Eagle, Michigan

Owner Von Falconers Moose (Dodger) UKC #5 Top Producing Dutch Shepherd Sire


Owner/handler P1 GRCH Marshall’s LaBelle of Cher Car CGC (LaBelle) UKC TOP 10 Dutch Shepherd 2006 (#3), 2007 (#1), 2008 (#2 tied), 2009 (#2), 2010 (#1)


Owner/handler NC Marshall's Tiger Lily of Cher Car (Lily)



Dave & Lisa Marten - Macomb, Michigan

Owner/handlers RATS USF GUJCH CAX Cher Car's Ruger von Wolfenstein DM FD FDX FDXCH FDCH-S FDCH-G TF TF-I TF-II TFE TFE-I TFP (Ruger) UAD 2014 National SENIOR ELITE Champion, U-FLI 2015 TOP DOG in BREED (United Flyball League International), U-FLI 2016 TOP DOG in BREED (United Flyball League International)


Owner/handlers CA GSJCH RATO Cher Car's Big Bad Wolf TF-II FDCH-S (Grimm)


Tanya Menard - Saulte Ste. Marie, Michigan

Owner/handler CA Cher Car's Tasmanian Devil


Mya Millwee - Fair Oaks, California

Owner/handler Cher Car's Zero Tolerance 4 BS


Carolyn Muessman - Charleston, Illinois

Owner/handler Multi-HIT RBIMBS CA USJ EN CH Cher Car's American Freedom (Ellis) UKC TOP 10 Dutch Shepherd 2016 (#10), Youngest dog of any Breed (at 22 months) to earn UKC ELITE NOSEWORK title


Taurus Napper - Irving, Texas
Ownerr/handler Sasha S van Schermer


Larry Pickett – Lansing, Michigan

Owner/handler UUFCH GUJCH GRCH Cher Car’s Ring of Fire (Cash), First Dutch Shepherd DUAL GRAND CHAMPION, First short-haired GRCH male, First second generation GRCH (out of a GRCH), UKC TOP 10 Dutch Shepherd 2012 (#5), 2013 (#1), 2014 (#4). UAD-Ultimate Air Dogs 2013 Season- No.1 (all breeds) Distance Jumper (long dock), UAD 2013 National ULTIMATE Jumper Vice-Champion, UAD 2014 National FETCH IT Champion, UAD 2014 National CHASE IT Champion



Rachel Phelan – North Ridgeville, Ohio

Owner/handler NI PA Cher Car's Nico Suave CSAU CGC TDI (Nico)



Mark Richison – Swartz Creek, Michigan

Owner/handler Multi-HIT NGRCH EN EHD UWP CAS UAGII URX2 UROC UCD GSJCH GRCH Laser Dragon von Cher Car SPOT CGC P1 PD1 (Colt) UKC TOP 10 Dutch Shepherd 2013 (#2), UKC Rally 3 Obedience All-Stars 2014 (#16), UKC Rally 2 Obedience All-Stars 2014 (#14), First MALE and YOUNGEST Dutch Shepherd UKC Super Dog (earned at 17 months of age), First Dutch Shepherd to earn the Elite Nosework title (comprised of 30 individual nosework titles earned by finding 5 different scents in 4 different elements-twice!), UKC's most titled Dutch Shepherd in the world (with 51).
Loreen Robbins - Chepachet, Rhode Island
Owner/handler Cher Car's Catching Fire
Austin Russell - Flint, Michigan
Owner/handler Cher Car's Ziva
Deb Russell – East Lansing, Michigan

Owner/handler UJJCH PA CH Cher Car's Rush To Touch(é) Épée CGC TDI (Épée) First Dutch Shepherd DUAL CHAMPION


Kay Schmidt - Minneapolis, Minnesota

Owner/handler Elsa Grietje van Cher Car



Kourtney Shepler - McBain, Michigan

Owner/handler Cher Car's Shiloh's Reign 1978



Ed & Maude Tank - Plainwell, Michigan

Owner/handler NBOB NCH BISS BIS RBIS ABIS(4x) UUF EHD EN UAGI GSJCH UNJCH URO1 CA GRCH Cher Car's Gun Powder N Lace  SPOT-ON (Lacey) UKC TOP 10 Dutch Shepherd 2015 (#2), 2016 (#1), UAD 2016 National CHECKERS Jumper Vice-Champion, UKC TOP 10 Dutch Shepherd 2017 (#5), UKC's most titled female Dutch Shepherd in the world


Owner/handler RBIMBS UNJ PTE NV NI NC Cher Car's Trouble in Paradise SPOT (Trouble)


Owner/handler NCH NRCH BIS(5x) RBIS USF USJCH EN GRCH Cher Car's Sir Prize v Alpha (Sir), UAD 2017 National Master CATCH IT Vice-Champion, UKC TOP 10 Dutch Shepherd 2017 (#1)


Guy Tenerelli - Bishop, California
Owner/handler Tennerelli's Jade


Susan Kennedy Tollakson - Scottsdale, Arizona
Owner/handler Cher Car’s Desert Star Rocket


Elizabeth Trembley - West Olive, Michigan
Owner/handler Cher Car's Nik of Time


Kristen Vaccariello - Lyndhurst, Ohio
Owner/Handler UCD UWP UUFCH CA UAGI URO3 PTS AC AI NN UNJ CH Cher Car's Django Unchained (Django) UKC TOP 10 Dutch Shepherd 2015 (#4 tied), UKC SuperDog (titled in conformation, agility, obedience, rally and weight pull)
Susan Walker - Clarkston, Michigan

NI NC PTA Cher Car's Avatar Korra



Lisa Weber - Kimberley, British Columbia, Canada

Owner/hanmdler Cher Car's Canada Goose, 2014 British Columbia Search Dog Association TOP DOG (Certified in Avalanche and Wilderness Search) and JIBC (Justice Institute of British Columbia) Narcotics Detection Dog



Mathew Winkel - Lansing, Michigan

Owner/handler PTN Cher Car's Bella Winkel



Shane Young - Lowell, Michigan

Owner AE NN Cher Car's Maine Attraction


Associate Members:

Jackie Abbott – Fillmore, Ney York

Owner/handler CH Dutch Masters AKA Black Raven


Matt Adubato - Jupiter, Florida

Owner/handler Rocco


Lenny Aguilar – Odessa, Delaware

Owner/handler Loki


Kirstin Allan - Lowell, Michigan

Owner/handler UAG1 URX UCDX UROC UCH Vrijheid's Obfuscate IPO2 CD RAE NA NF CGC (Aisling) UKC Rally 2 Obedience All-Stars 2015 (#44), UKC Rally 3 Obedience All-Stars 2015 (#45).

Annica Ahlberg – Tidaholm, Sweden

Owner/handler Effje Gladiator


Sadot Aldaco - Bellflower, California

Owner/handler Phoenix


Amy Alexeyko – Lindenwold, New Jersey

Owner/handler Mason


Roger Allen - Union, Kentucky

Owner/handler Emily


Barbara & Keith Altman - Fayetteville, North Carolina

Owner/handler Thea


Jeff Anderson - LaGrange, Kentucky

Owner/handler Scout


Carrie Armstrong – Guerneville, California



Jennifer Ayres - Carlisle, Massachusetts

Owner/handler Vrijheid's Swifty and Alexis V. Zion


Jody Baker - London, England

Owner/handler Billie Jean

Afton Bauer – North Las Vegas, Nevada

Owner/handler Vrijheid’s Say Mercy

Terry Barbay - Rockwall, Texas

Owner/handler Loyal Royal


Austin Basse – South Saint Paul, Minnesota

Owner/handler Dixie


Patty Beck – Lelan, Illinois

Owner/handler RATCH USJ In Case of Emergency Open Crate BH OA AXJ DS (ICE)


Scott Beebe – Andover, Connecticut

Owner/handler CH Hop River’s Trixie, FR3 - UKC TOP 10 Dutch Shepherd 2010 (#2), NARA 2014 Domestic Grand Champion, NARA 2015 FR3 Vice-Champion (French Ring)


Dameon Berry – Maynardville, Tennessee

Owner/handler FO PA Roush Vom Berry D Haus Geurts

Owner/handler FO PA Koko Vom Berry D Haus Geurts

Owner/handler FO PA Baby Vom Berry Haus Guzman

Owner/handler FO PA Bentley Vom Berry D

Breeder/owner/handler 2x BIMBS GRCH Tommy Haus Berry D IPO3 (Tommy), UKC TOP 10 Dutch Shepherd 2014 (#2), First Dutch Shepherd awarded Multiple BEST in SHOW wins


Luisa Rudi Blankestijn - Simpsonville, South Carolina

Owner/handler Xena Blankestijn  


Viney Breakfield - Freeburg, Illinois

Owner/handler Badger


Johnny Brennan - Murchison, Texas

Owner/handler Duke


Kent Breshears - Ozark, Missouri

Owner/handler Matty


Douglas Brodeur – West Warwick, Rhode Island

Owner/handler Daizee


Mike & Nannette Boyce - Las Cruces, New Mexico

Owner/handler Alpha Spartacus Tazmaniac


Rita Brueland - Boone, Iowa

Owner/handler Anabella Brueland


Tyler Boyer – Coxs Creek, Kentucky

Owner/handler Troll and Fia


Justin Bulhof - Bryan, Texas

Owner/handler Zorro & Xena Bulhof


Jacob & Deborah Bush - Taylors Falls, Minnesota

Owner/handler Multi-HIT PTA NN Cher Car's Protector of Argos (Hera)


Ruth Careri – Hackensack, New Jersey

Owner/handler Brock v NoordBrandt


Robin Carmack - Coventry, Connecticut

Owner/handler CH Twinpath Catching Fire (Pyro)

Owner/handler Twinpath Jjill

Owner/handler CH Arwen van Zion

Owner/handler Twinpath El Fuego Schmid

Owner/handler L'Tornado Pisko

Owner/handler Twinpath Catch My Breath

Owner/handler CH Twinpath Catch My Drift

Kim Case - Boyton Beach, Florida

Owner/handler Faith


Brian Catcher – Tahlequah, Oklahoma

Owner/handler Runa


Dan Cespedes - San Clemente, California

Owner/handler Kila


Audrey Chadwick – Henderson, Nevada

Owner/handler Coconina


Sylviane Chapoulaud - Pasadena, California

Owner/handler Chydenius Chamisso/Wapimi Von Folde CGC

Owner/handler Jupiter Symphony/De la terre des Flandres CGC

Owner/handler Nemesis Goddess of Revenge de la Terre des Flandres

Sylvaine Chapoulaud - Pasedena, California
Owner/handler NRCH CH Nemisis Godess Revenge

Paul Chickadel - Wilmington, Delaware

Owner/handler Renzo PH1

Lewin Chartrand – Hilo, Hawaii

Owner/handler Elek van Younghaus


Yvette Chevalier – Las Vegas, Nevada

Owner/handler Jury


Erin Chipps – Portland, Oregon

Owner/handler Jasper


Mark Cichonski – Charlotte, North Carolina

Owner/handler Copernicus


Robin Combs - Marana, Arizona

Owner/handler Esuda


Adam Crist – Lincoln, Nebraska

Owner/handler Lola


Jeannie Croket – Novi, Michigan

Owner/handler Sir President Jexter


Nina Coppinger - Howell, New Jersey



Koby Cox - Covelo, California

Owner/handler Daphne


Garnet and Jamie Daniel - Smith Falls, Ontario Canada

Owner/handler Achilles, Skarta and Crixus


Mary Deal – Akron, Ohio

Owner/handler Jiri


Connie Degerness - Phoenix, Arizona

Owner/handler Vrijheid's Qwazy Quest OB1 - NASAR (National Association of Search and Rescue) Cadaver K9

Owner/handler Vrijheid's Quoda


Derek Dellinger - Salem, Oregon

Owner/handler Kona


Tammy Derhammer – Portage, Michigan

Owner/handler Jazzee


Marcio Diedrichs – Augusta, Georgia

Owner/handler Non


Daniel Dommar – Caracas, Venezuela

Owner/handler Mia


Virginia & Bob Dornik - Gurnee, IIlinois

Owner/Handler Land of Oz T-Rex


Shane Doss - Haltom, Texas

Owner/handler Kimber LeeAnn Doss


Janice Dougherty – Brooklyn, New York

Owner/handler TwinPath Snap Dragon


Samantha Duffer – Carrolton. Georgia

Owner/handler Cerberus


Michael Duffy - Portland, Oregon

Owner/handler Kessel


Autumn Dufresne – Vergennes, Vermont

Owner/handler MokumeGane


Gary Doerr - Sparks, Nevada

Owner/hadler Mocha

Sue Dryden – Barooga, Australia

Owner/handler Rigby


Barbara Earnhardt – Kannapolis, North Carolina

Owner/handler Land of Oz Dorothy CGC

Owner/handler Tinman von der Earnhardt CGC


Tyler Eastgate – Palmerton, Pennsylvania

Owner/handler Katva


Ashley Fay – Louisville, Kentucky

Owner/handler Mmattias


Brian L. Fernandes - Chepachet, Rhode Island

Owner/handler Django


Michelle & Josh Filger – Helena, Montana

Owner/handler Loki


Brian Flaherty - Chicago, Illinois

Owner/handler Murphy

Devan Flynn – Dover, Tennessee

Owner/handler Chief Flynn


Theresa Foster – Salt Lake City, Utah

Owner/handler Riley


Therese Franzese - Long Beach, New York

Owner/handler Ivy Sinclair


Daniel Frasier - Aurora, Colorado

Owner/handler Paris


Samantha Friehauf - Castle Rock, Colorado

Owner/handler Alexandria Millington


Patricia Friend - Springfield, Missouri

Blackhawk's Theory of Evolution CGC and Blackhawk's Sonic Dash


JT Gabriel – Frenchtown, New Jersey

Owner/handler Cash


Lonnie Gautreau – Montgomery, Texas

Owner/handler SIG aka CC The Fuzz


Terri Gawith – Admire, Kansas

Owner/handler Aachen Nina


Bobby Gentry - Princeton, West Virginia

Owner/handler Paisley


Jay Greaves – Barrie, Ontario, Canada

Owner/handler Leroy


Brittany Green – West Berlin, New Jersey

Owner/handler Jameson


Joseph E. Goch – Bensalem, Pennsylvania

Owner/handler Cairo


Alexis Gomez – Fresno, California

Owner/handler Emanon CD RN RA RE CA RATN

Owner/handler Cinder-Ella of TBK9S


Michelle Gonzalez - Chicago, Illinois

Owner/handler PDS K-9 Daisy - Explosives Detection Canine TSA 


Beau Hancock - Fredericksburg, Virginia

Owner/handler MisFit


Samantha Hanna – Williamston, Michigan

Owner/handler BISS URO1 CH Hoeksteen Idyllic Destroyer IPO2 (Cada) UKC TOP 10 Dutch Shepherd 2013 (#5) First Dutch Shepherd awarded BEST in SPECIALTY SHOW

Owner/handler URO2 NorthWoods Bite on Target (Beah)


Edward Hardman - Brunswick, Georgie

Owner/handler Mojo


Melissa Harrington - White Hills, Arizona

Owner/handler Arie Von Kaiserburg

Owner/handler Hades Vom Duvera

Luann Hawkins - Cave Creek, Arizona

Owner/handler Archer


Cheryl Hayek - Mt. Pleasant, Wisconsin

Owner/handler Vrijheid Settle the Score BH  and Matrix Van Neerland


Cathy M Hayes – Salina, Kansas

Owner/handler Rossi of Oz


Chalres Henderson - Richmond Hill, Georgia

Owner/handler Duke, Brooks and Dun 


Ruchard and Danielle Higgin - Jenison, Michigan

Owner/handler Pepper


Jerry Hinkle – Santa Rita, Guam

Owner/handler Brodie Hinkle


Bridger Hulslander - Castle Rock, Colorado

Owner/handler BIMBS RBIMBS CH Vrijheid's Rally Time NA NAJ NF AD


Sandi Hunt - Raytown, Missouri

Owner/handler Elite K9's Mina BH CGC


Scott Jandro – Raymond, California

Owner/handler Charlie


Amanda Janicki – Knoxville, Tennessee

Owner/handler MBIAMBS ALCH USJ USF UAGII UWP Liberty Hoeve Bria SPOT-ON FMCh MBDCh-G TFE NJC RATO AX AXJ XF DSA ASA CA CGC CGCU (Bria) First Dutch Shepherd awarded BEST in UKC ALTERED Multi-Breed Show, First Dutch Shepherd awarded Multiple BEST in UKC ALTERED Multi-Breed Show wins, First Dutch Shepherd UKC ALTERED Champion

Owner/handler Int/CH NGRCH UWPCH GRCH Vrijheid's Twist of Fate RATO DS (Caffrey) UKC TOP 10 Dutch Shepherd 2016 (#5)


Anita Johnson – Kelso, Washington

Owner/handler UWP CH Kitsune de las Flores

Owner/handler UWP CH Lycan de las Flores, HIT, CAT

Owner/handler UWP CH Kitsune de las Flores, BH, CAT


Gregory Johnson – Big Lake, Minnesota

Owner/handler Jesse Jane


Amanda Lynn Jones – Murray, Kentucky

Owner/Handler Kevlar Moedig


Jason Jones – Grand Bay, Alabama

Owner/handler Yvette HIC

Owner/handler Ryker


Kevin & Kim Jordan – McDonough, Georgia

Owner/handler Heidi and Lexi


Fiona Julian – Springfield, Oregon

Owner/handler Cooper


James Kaba – Suffolk, Virginia

Owner/handler Kaba’s Jada


Tracy Kaecker - Petersburg, Illinois

Owner/ handler CH Tarita's Quilla Bewyched Me SPOT, UKC TOP 10 Dutch Shepherd 2016 (#6)


Mark and Melissa Kandel - Massillon, Ohio

Owner/handler Graendal


Marie Kellow – Pierson, Michigan

Owner/handler Miss Mylee


Thomas Kelly – Bellbrook, Ohio

Owner/handler Chewbarka


Bill Kennedy - Blandinsville, Illinois

Owner/handler Vandalia Sago,  Bauer Von Impact,  Sasha Von Impact and Bram Von Impact   


Emily Kietz – South Park, Pennsylvania

Owner/handler Dixie Doodle


Ryan-Ann King – Sturgeon County, Alberta, Canada

Owner/handler URO1 Kohlt, ADC, SDDA-S-SP

Owner/handler URO1 Charm


Amanda Knight – Seattle, Washington

Owner/handler Luna


Libby Kondracki - Rising Sun, Maryland

Owner/handler Aachen Missing Lynk


Steve Kotowske – Santa Rosa, Florida

Owner/handler Mosenthal's India

Owner/handler Rik IPO1


Krista Kratky - Kansas City, Missouri

Owner/handler  PSD K-9 Rudy and Kai Alexander


Nicole LeBlanc - Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Owner/handler Theta


Tamara K. Ledkins - Cornelia, Georgia

Owner/handler Kahleesi


Alexander Lednow – Rockville, Maryland

Owner/handler Czar vom Flensburger Land


Sharon McDonald Lee - Newburgh, Indiana

Owner/handler Spooky and Wiley


Shakir Lester - Marietta, Georgia

Owner/handler Top Genes K9 Bentley,  Top Genes K9 Nala,  Top Genes K9 Bear and  Top Genes K9 Aston


Ralph Zosimo B. Leung - Baguio, Philippines

Owner/handler ARDA of Cephazhaus, Ivan Zum Zhazho


Zachary Lewis – West Winfield, Ney York

Owner/handler Vandalia Nala Lewis


Kirsi Liikanen – Mallusjoki, Finland

Owner/handler Olga; Obedience Class 2, Agi1
Owner/handler Rochallor Love Walks In; BH, TK1, PERA-A, Agi3, C.I.B. FIN CH, WW´13, VWW´14
Owner/handler Rochallor Cyber Model; BH, Agi2, LTW´09
Owner/handler Rochallor Cyber Star; BH, Obedience Class 2, HK1, Agi2, FIN&BALT CH, LVW´10
Owner/handler Rochallor Mercury; Agi2, C.I.B. EECH, BaltJCH, BaltJV´09, BaltW´11
Owner/handler Casa d´Agostino Milwaukee Mile, HelW´14

Jason Lindsey– Lawrenceville, Georgia

Owner/handler Lou & Sarge

Reina Lipscomb - Mebane, North Carolina

Owner/handler Pika and Figgy


Mervi Liuhanen – Vantaa, Finland

Owner/handler Navajo Fin Mva and Sioux


Stephanie Lyons – Mayville, Michigan

Owner/handler Drawing Our Own Constellations CGC, CGCA, RL1 (Elli)

Owner/handler PTA NV Odin of Another Kingdom, RL1 (Odin)


Tim Maguire – Louisville, Kentucky

CH Lionhearted Night Tempest Aidre


Seth J. Mangas – Fayette, Iowa

Owner/handler Cecil Von Klaus


Allen Martin - New Orleans, Lousiana

Owner/handler Bella von Stuckart


Jake Martin – Easton, Connecticut

Owner/handler Drago


Tracy Martin - Fremont, California

Owner/handler Scout Martin


Patty Martinez - Lyford, Texas

Owner/handler Olaf & Nala


Steven Matulevich - Temecula, California

Owner/handler Rocky vom Matulevich, Russia vom Matulevich and Benjamin Button vom Matulevich


Kim Matzen - Wellington, Kansas

Owner/handler IntCH/NatCH HnrCH URO1 CH MCK Midnight Thunder Storm

Owner/handler MCK Midnight Storms A Brewing


Mandi Mayhem - Maryville, Tennessee

Owner/handler Havoc


Stevie McBride – Ellensburg – Washington

Owner/handler Elsa Louise


Joyce Earle McCluskey – Lebanon, Maine

Owner/handler UCDX CH Copper Mountain’s Ry FR2 MR1 PSA1 NVBK CAT4 CGC (Ry), UKC #9 Dutch Shepherd Sire, UKC TOP 10 Dutch Shepherd 2015 (#6 tied)

Owner/handler UCDX CH Caelan du Chenil des Titans FR2 CGC (Caelan) UKC TOP 10 Dutch Shepherd 2015 (#8 tied)

Owner/handler CH S'Lucas Dans Le Harbor (Lucas)


Melissa Mc Cord – Madison, Wisconsin

Owner/handler P2 UAGI UCDX CH Dealer from Louvroo Home SchH3 FR2 (Dealer) UKC TOP 10 Dutch Shepherd 2007 (#3)

Owner/handler ROM-I UAGI FO UCDX Coachoochee van Neerland SchHA (Coa)

Breeder/owner/handler UCD P1 CH von Scheffler’s Coffee Tea or Me SchH3 (Cade) UKC TOP 10 Dutch Shepherd 2006 (#1)

Breeder/owner/handler Von Scheffler’s Excalibur SchH3 (Grim)

Breeder/owner/handler Von Scheffler’s Forgone Conclusion SchH1

Breeder/owner/handler Von Scheffler’s Made for Straightaways SchH3 (Split)

Owner/handler Cher Car's Irish

David McCausley - Godwin, North Carolina

Owner/handler Von Jager


Jeff McCoy – Humboldt, Tennesee

Owner/handler Tuck


Michelle McCoy – Central City, Kentucky

Owner/handler Roxy


Kathleen McMahon – Minnstrista, Minnesota

Owner/handler Cher Car’s Sweet Defender


Alfonso Medina – San Nicolas, Mexico

Owner/handler Gretta


Karen Merkatz - Raleigh, North Carolina

Owner/handler Cher Car's Tina the Duchess


Denise Mersino - Tooele, Utah

Owner/handler D&D's Pistol

Owner/handler D&D's Snyper

Christie Meyer – Cookeville, Tennessee

Co-Founder North American Dutch Shepherd Rescue (NADSR

Owner/handler Tarheel Canine's Dante PSA1 CGC TDI

Owner/handler Nicky's Willow Lief, PSA1

Owner/handler Vrijheid's Guitan (Ziva)

Breeder/owner/handler Northwoods Cipres Lief


Rebecca Meyer – Temecula, California

Owner/handler Krotos


Marie & Todd Miller - Richmond, Texas

Owner/handlers Boomer Sooner & Shadie Sadie


Steve Moccia - Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Owner/handler Buddy


Maria Mongello – Arlington Heights, Illinois

Owner/handler Corey


Susan Montgomery – San Isidro, Costa Rica

Owner/handler Charlie, Piper & Shiva


David Moody - Ridgecrest, California

Owner/handler Coco and Serria


Rebecca Moorhead – Jackson, Tennessee

Owner/handler Josie Moorhead


Kevin Moriarty - East Longmeadow, Massachusetts

Owner/handler URO3 Vrijheid's Ruud SPOT-ON


Cheryl Morrison - Aston, Pennsylvania

Owner/handler Wiley


William Morrissey - Applegate, California

Owner/handler Dutchess


Heather Morgan – Big Rock, Illinois

Owner/handler Maximus Morgan


Ryan Murdock – Idaho Falls, Idaho

Owner/handler Havoc


Ulysee Muff - Jacksonville, Florida

Owner/handler Quattro PSA 1


Kari Munroe – Trenton, Michigan

Owner/handler Aachan Lynians Karmas a Dutch


Shawn Naylor - Groveland, Illinois

Owner/handler PSD K-9 Blitz


Niagra Dutchies - St. Catherines, Ontario Canada

Owner/handler Saffire,  Luna and Rube


Jard Nichols – Jacksonville, Florida

Owner/handler Karma


Nancy Nicholson – Kansas City, Missouri

Owner/handler Josie


Arlene Nolan – Washingtonville, New York

Owner/handler Maude & Deacon


Mark Nomady - Sarasota, Florida

Owner/handler Maks


Ellen Nygaard - Lake Tapps, Washington

Owner/handler Ulrike van de Vastenow CGC TDI

Owner/handler AE AC NN KC's Shop-a-holic

Jacqueline Ochsner – Santa Monica, CA

Owner/handler Kima CGC


Christine Omilusik - Traverse City, Michigan

Owner/handler Tcomil Loki


W.J.M. van Oostrum – Lesjofors, Sweden

Owner/handler Samora di Jazz

Owner/handler Aspehaugens Bravo Aramis Silverboy, Dutch Jouthchampion, Clubwinner, Dutch Ch, Norwegian Champion, International Champion
Owner/handler Silver Aurora v't Frouwkeshof 
Owner/handler Cézan Ravi v't Frouwkeshof


Adrianna Ott - Brooklyn, New York

Owner/handler Jagged


Keli Ouellette – Torrington, Connecticut

Owner/handler Jade & Isaac


Shawn Palmer - Clarksburg, West Virgina

Owner/handler Dibelsa


Natalie Paredes - Los Angeles, California

Owner/handler Azula


Rozalynn Parkhurst – Richmond, Maine

Owner/handler Echo


J. P. Parks – San Marcos, Texas

Owner/handler Drago


Lynsea Patterson - Nampa, Idaho

Owner/handler Ruby


Jeff Penney – Southbridge, Massachusetts

Owner/handler Ava Penney


Debra Peters - St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin

Owner/handler Huis Van Peters Weinig Pistool


Eric Peters - Greensburg, Indiana

Owner/handler Tika


Donna Perry – Fleming Island, Florida

Owner/handler Skyler


Richard Plate - North Arlington, New Jersey

Owner/handler Maximus


Jochen & Yadhira Poellmann – Fort Riley, Kansas

Owner/handler Taz


Nicolas Ponce de Leon Dios – Brooklyn, NY

Owner/handler Northwoods Cola


Michael Potter – Orange Park, Florida

Owner/handler Kaiser


Jennifer Porth – Holyoke, Massachusetts

Owner/handler Rescue


Ron Portillo - Edgewood, New Mexico

Owner/handler Jessy de Portillo


Ashley Poulton - Phoenix, Arizona

Owner/handler RBIMBS UUF CH Vrijheid's Ready Aim Fire IDOB1 IDTT ATAN CGC DS (Clutch)

Owner/handler CH Vrijheid's Kiss of Life DS CGC


Tiffany Quint - Wichita, Kansas

Owner/handler Quincy


Stacie Rhault – Coventry, Connecticut

Owner/handler CH Hop River’s Viva La Bam, FR1 - UKC TOP 10 Dutch Shepherd  2010 (#7 tied), 2011 (#6) tied, 2014 (#7)

Owner/handler Hop River's Rudy and Hop River's Nova


Sharloynn Roche – Racine, Wisconsin

PTN Inigo Von Der Schafers Weg


Michael Rhodes – Wrightsville, Pennsylvania

Owner/handler Aneika 


Ashley Rietfors – Castroville, California

Owner/handler Battleridge Pyro 


Val Rogalla – Seymour, Illinois

Owner/handler Madness, Intruder, Invincible & Bedlam


Connie Rogan - Lake Worth, Florida

Owner/handler Feniks De Hun 


Colleen Rojas – Enfield, Connecticut

Owner/handler Amstel and Frankie 


Jean Saagman – Westland, Michigan
NC Lucian Prince of Unchained Chaos


John Safranek – Denton, Texas

Owner/handler Camo van Bohmerwald


Dina Marie Sanchez - Vancouver, Washington

UWP CH Lycan de las Flores CGC HCT CAT


Justin Carrilo Sanchez - Quindío, Colombia - South America

Owner/handler Ippon


Stacey Davis-Sanzo – Spring Lake, North Carolina

Owner/handler Jayne and Ms. Peebody

Heather Sather – Nowthen, Minnesota

Owner/handler URX2 UAGCH UROC Vrijheid's Hafwen C-ATCH3 BH, RE, RL1, CL1, CL2, CL3, CL4-F, CL4-S, SPS, PD, APK, OA, NAJ (Letty)

Owner/handler URX2 UACH UROG P1 UWP UCDX CH Vrijheid's Amie SPOT-ON SchH3, VCD2, ASCA CD, CD-H, RL2, RE, FM, TF-I, TN-E, NAC, WV-N, HP-N, SJ, AR, AS, MAD, GM, RM, ChST, NF, AX, TT, CA (Vada). 1st Dutch Shepherd "Super Dog” (titled in 5 UKC venues of conformation, obedience, agility, rally and weight pull) First Dutch Shepherd TRIPLE CHAMPION, UKC Rally 2 Obedience All-Stars 2014 (#43), UKC Rally 2 Obedience All-Stars 2015 (#21), UKC Rally 3 Obedience All-Stars 2015 (#21). 

Owner/handler UAGI, URO2 Sather's High on Life RA, RL1, FM, TF, CL1, CL2, CL3, NA (Narc)

Owner/handler UAGI Semisonics' Lunatic Fringe SPOT-ON


Paul Schilperoort – Rancho Santa Margarita, California

Owner/handler RATN Aachen Bane Schilperoort, CGC, CA

Karl Schlatzer - Ypsilanti, Michigan

Owner/handler Goliath


Michael & Carrie Schneider - Jonesville, Michigan

Owner/handler CH Cher Car's Shiver Me Kimber (Kimber)

Owner/handler Cher Car's Wrecking Ball (Crewe)

Piper Scholfield – Quapaw, Oklahoma

Owner/handler Northwoods Cat Alarm


Cindy Schriber - Holladale, Wisconsin

Owner/handler Hookah


Roger Schulman - Clearwater, Florida

Owner/handler Freci


Becky Schultz – Dallas, Georgia

Owner/handler Jazzmin


Alexandrea Sexton – Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Owner/handler Aneika 


Alexa Corbin-Shaub – Litchfield Park, Arizona

Owner/handler Anasazi Stellar Herder (Stella)


Nicole Shoemaker – Metairie, Louisiana

Owner/handler Zelda


Rich Shofstall - Winchester, Ohio

Owner/handler PSD K-9 Ridge


Duke and Sara Simpson – Brevard, North Carolina

Owner/handler Alpha Von Sparta

Owner/handler Leonidas Holland Messi PSD K-9
Owner/handler Kingdom Gladiator SAR

Owner/handler Bono Pegge IPO3 SCH3

Mike Slarskey – Worcester, Massachusetts

Owner/handler Ryder


John Sloan - Jackson, Wyoming

Owner/handler Alpha Duke of Earl


Brandon Smith - Stayton, Oregon

Owner/handler Luxor Cairo V. Stavast

Janet Smith – Okemas, Michigan

Owner/handler USF NE NV UMJCH NC CA UWP URO1 Vrijheid's Moon Rising IPO1, DM (Moon) UAD 2015 National FETCH-IT 16' Champion


Aida Soule - Gorham, Maine

Owner/handler Koda


Beverly Spencer – Nesbit, Mississippi

Owner/handler Maggie May & Abigail (Abby)


Tai Sporn – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Owner/hander Mirah


Melissa Stagnaro - Alexandria, Virginia

Owner/handler UAGI UWP EHD UUJ UCD CH Super Kludde FR3, MR3, IPO Tr3, StPr3, IRO1,BH, SE, TG


Jane Stark – Omaha, Nebraska

Owner/handler J. Howard (Howie) & Henrik Lundquist (Henrik)


Lisa St. Aubin - Gales Ferry, Connecticut

Owner/handler RATN CH El Alma del Lobo (Maicoh), FR2, MAD, SAM, GM, AJ - UKC TOP 10 Dutch Shepherd  2014 (#8 tied) 


Emily Steavenson - Thornton, Colorado

Owner/handler Jäger


Jodi Stempien – Ortinville, Michigan

Owner/handler Vrijheid's Legendary Shot CGC (Barrett)


Craig Storts - Crystal Lake, Illinois

Von Scheffler's Excess FR2


Danielle Strawder – Rosedale, Maryland

Owner/handler The Amazing Princess Aubrey Rose CGC
Owner/handler Chiefton Mikasi Alto de Apache


Carol Stuckey – Benton, Missouri

Owner/handler Gamble


Dion Studinski - Denver, Colorado

Owner/handler Elias of TBK9S


James Stupec - Martinez, Georgia

Owner/handler Mira


John Sumner - Apple Valley, Minnesota

Owner/handler Bailey


Scott Tarran – Oregon, Wisconsin

Owner/handler Emerald Wolf Bronson


Guillermo Tellez – Naucalpan, Mexico

Owner/handler Voltaire


Regan Theiler - Enfield, New Hampshire

Owner/handler Doodle


Melissa Thompson – Grand Rapids, Michigan

Owner/handler Remington


Jenny Thorp - Cottage Grove, Oregon

Owner/handler UWP Vrijheid's Force IPO3(x5), FH2, AD, TDX, OSP, L2V, L1I, L2C, CGC, CD, APR1, TDU, NW3-C, NW3-E, NW3-V, NW3-I, NW3 Elite, ELT1, NA, CGC (Force) 

Owner/handler Vrijheid's Quahlua BH (Vodka)


Nicole Torres – Jacksonville, Florida

Owner/handler Gracey Lou


Vicken Totten - Visalia, California

Owner/handler Sterk Inti


Kristin Tresidder – Winchester, Virginia

Owner/handler Lo (van Leeuwen) BH
Owner/handler Gitta van Ardalia PH1, BH
Owner/handler Mars (van Leeuwen)


Krystal Tronboll - Ramona, California

Owner/handler Holland Odin V Le Dobry


Mary Ann Troxell - West Carrollton, Ohio

Owner/handler Jetta Brigit Troxell

Nathan Twigg – Lexington, South Carolina

Owner/handler Sydney


Shawn Tucker – Camp Verde, Arizona

Owner/handler Kimber, Inda & Rugar - USAR FEMA Team


Daniel Vaiman - Thousand Oaks, California

Owner/handler Luc


Sunny Varkey - Voorhees, New Jersey

Owner/handler Vrijheid's Chopper


Michael Varro - Toronto, Ontario Canada

Owner/handler Kiki


Robyn Vassey – Comer, Georgia

Owner/handler Siren


Alexia Vaughan – Lake Charles, Louisiana

Owner/handler Hugo vom Achten


Herbito Vega – Isabela, Puerto Rico

Owner/handler Black Jack Dolf


Nicholas Verner - Valencia, Pennsylvania

Owner/handler Vandalia Furio Verner 


Annie Verreault – Stoke, Quebec, Canada

Owner/handler Night to Remember de la Terre des Flandres


Frederick Villaume - Cipieres, France

CH Dark Side des Fonds de Gueule  

CH Frigg des Crocs de l'Olympe

In Dark Times des Fonds de Gueule  

Hariti des Crocs de l'Olympe

I Love Rock & Roll du Rocher des Ducs


Donna Walters – Gibson, Tennessee

Owner/handler Winston Alexander Walters


Rob & Beth Weiss – Las Vegas, Nevada



Gary Weiss - Foley, Missouri

Owner/handler Tig Tala Briar


Brenda Wendt - Indianola, Iowa

Owner/handler Emerald Wolf Blossom Ava

Owner/handler NN PTA Von Der King Resolute Thorn


Tonja Westbrooks - Waxhaw, North Carolina

Owner/handler Hobie


Rebecca West – Portland, Oregon

Owner/handler Uma


Frank Williams - Bath, Illinois

Owner/handler GRCH Blackfrosts Grand River Bottom Cooper, UKC TOP 10 Dutch Shepherd 2016 (#4)

Owner/handler CH Jetta's Jafar vd Zuidendijk

Owner/handler Hollandroy's Xtravagant Influence


Amanda Wilson – Moody, Texas

Owner/handler MACH Flasher Dasher FR1 MXS MJX MXF (Flash)
Owner/handler  Ringside Gossip (Rumor)


William Wise - Aliquippa, Pennsylvania

Owner/handler Cilla


Abdul-aziz Williams – Greenville, Mississippi

Owner/handler Baus von haus


Deborah Williams – New Cuyama, California

Owner/handler Rex & Sumi


Kristi Heinze-Wright - Gordon, Texas

Owner/Handler Gage and Khol


Jay & DeAnn Wynn – Christiansburg, Virginia

Owner/handler Alpha Semper Wynn


Amber Yancey - Fountain, Colorado

Owner/handler Padme


Stacey Zook - Shawnee, Kansas

Owner/handler UAGI Tidus van Patriot TT CGC

Supporting Members:



Malcolm Ali - Apple Valley, California


Jake Amason – Plainview, Texas


Patti Anderson – Leona Valley, California


Lacey Anderson – Willow, Alaska


Chris Barnhart - Martinsburg, West Virginia


Barbara Bish - Davis, West Virginia


Peter Brown - North Aurora, Illinois


Anja Brumec – Maribor, Slovenia


Theresa Buck – Winthrop, Maine


Chris Bustad – Tacoma, Washington


Laura Caler - Flower Mound, Texas


James Cantrell – Marietta, Georgia


Cory Carlson – Brook Park, Minnesota


Meghan Cicchino – Perkaskie, Pennsylvania


Kimberley Cobb - San Antonio, Texas


Jay Cryer – Trimble, Tennessee


Earl De Vries – Onatrio, Canada


Robert Ellico - L'Anse, Michigan


Leonard LeRoy Faison – Phoenix, Arizona


Dexter Farmer - Pink Hill, North Carolina


Christopher Fraize - Kittery, Maine


Natalie Fraser – Auburn, Alabama


Kevin Fry – Rumson, New Jersey


Dayla Gentry – Neoga, Illinois


Ralph Gilley – Big Stone Gap, Georgia


Gail Gombos-Smith - Hamburg, New York


Joshua Haas - Rumson, New Jersey


Susan Hicks – Ashland, Oregon


Devetta Hill – Council Bliffs, Iowa


Marla Jochim – Newberg, Oregon


Amanda Jones – Mayfield, Kentucky


Jason Jones - Grand Bay, Alabama


Tim Kelley – Oakdale, Louisiana


Jinna Kochel - Dayton, Texas


Katie Korman – Lansing, Michigan


George Kou – Richmond, Virgina


Leslye Evans-Lane – Portland, Oregon


Jesse Lee – Isle of Palms, South Carolina


Shakir Lester - Marietta, Georgia


Robert Lewis - La Porte, Indiana


Teresa Locatelli - Soquel, California


Michael McCain – Pigeon, Michigan


Karen McIsaac – Lowgap, North Carolina


Monica Martin – Pikesville, Maryland


Fleurette Miller - Terre Haute, Indiana


Jackie Morgan – Millstone Township, New Jersey


Deborah Moore – Stanwood, Washington


Tom Morris – Waycross, Georgia


Gwyneth Morris – Arlington, Massachusetts


Cliff Mounts – Braidwood, Illinois


Monique Muroni – Las Vegas, Nevada


Danielle Rene Muse – Fort Myers, Florida


Amanda Neal - Fort Worth, Texas


Mike and Kelly Phillips - Nicholasville, Kentucky


Michele Randall - Mount Holly, North Carolina


Ceri Sanders – Paauilo, Hawaii


Yader Sandoval – Dupont, Washington


Christine Santaniello - Southwick, Massachusetts


Curtis Sarkar – Lawrenceville, Georgia


Gerald Saunders – St. Clair, Michigan


Tamara Sharp – Hebron, Ohio


Shannon Smith - Richmond, Texas


Mary-Penn Soranno - Staunton, Virginia


Dan Stupec - Martinez, Georgia


Edward Toves - Dededo, Guam


Billy Valentine – Myponga, South Australia


Nina & Floyd Virgil – Perkinston, Mississippi


Gloria Whitchurch - Mammouth Spring, Arkansas

Jake Wooten – Austin, Texas

Dutch Shepherd "Touche" (PD1 PA CH Schefflers C’est Touché Cher Car BTr - UKC #1 Dutch Shepherd Sire, UKC TOP 10 Dutch Shepherd 2008 #7 tied)
Dutch Shepherd "Rush" (URO1 UAGI P2 PD1 FO Vrijheid’s Adrenaline Rush BTr - UKC #1 Dutch Shepherd Dam)
Dutch Shepherd “Lothar” (CH Cher Car’s Mr. Right Now - UKC TOP 10 #1 tied Dutch Shepherd 2011)
Dutch Shepherd "Siren" (CA UNJ CH Chercar’s Lights’N Siren v Mosen CSAU BTr CGC -  UKC TOP 10 Dutch Shepherd 2010 #4 tied, 2011 #1 tied)
Dutch Shepherd "Cayenne" (BIMBS CH Cher Car’s Roja Caliente - 1st Dutch Shepherd awarded BEST in MULTI BREED SHOW)
Dutch Shepherd “Becker” (UJJ  UAGII  URO3 CH Cher Car’s It’s My Perogative CSAU CGC - UKC #7 Dutch Shepherd Sire, UKC TOP 10 Dutch Shepherd 2008 #5 tied)
Dutch Shepherd “LaBelle” (P1 PA FO GRCH Marshall’s LaBelle of Cher Car CGC - UKC TOP 10 Dutch Shepherd 2007 #1, 2008 #2 tied, 2009 #2, 2010 #1)
Dutch Shepherd “Nada” (UAGI CH Cher Car’s Don’t Be Fooled CSAU BTr CGC - UKC TOP 10 Dutch Shepherd 2010 #7 tied)
Dutch Shepherd “Snap” (URO3 UCD UAGI UJJ GRCH Cher Car’s Snap Decision BH CSAU CGC - UKC #8 tied Dutch Shepherd Dam, UKC TOP 10 Dutch Shepherd 2008 #10, 2010 #4 tied, 2012 #2, 1st Dutch Shepherd titled in 4 UKC venues of conformation, obedience, agility & rally)

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Used with permission from Dog World Graphics – Kosice, Slovakia
Used with permission from Dog World Graphics – Kosice, Slovakia