Promoting responsibility and good sportsmanship in the breeding, training and exhibition of the Dutch Shepherd Dog under the breed standard established by

the United Kennel Club in 1995.

Mission Statement and Purpose


The Dutch Shepherd Dog Club of America's stated purpose is to promote responsibility and good sportsmanship in the breeding, training and exhibition of the Dutch Shepherd under the breed standard established and approved by the United Kennel Club in 1995.  Our goals are to:


A. To further the advancement of the Dutch Shepherd breed through the medium of their owners and to develop their intelligence as well as their physical abilities.


B. To confer honor upon worthy Dutch Shepherd dogs and their owners/trainers, and to aid members of the Club to attain UKC conformation and performance degrees through cooperative training and mutual support.


C. To promote fair play and good sportsmanship over individual gain, and to join the competitive spirit with the fun environment of United Kennel Club events.

AKC versus UKC; what is our opinion?


A small minority of conformation folks are pursuing recognition of the Dutch Shepherd breed by the American Kennel Club by enrolling it in the AKC Foundation Stock Service (FSS®), which is an optional record keeping service for breeds not currently registrable by the American Kennel Club. 


Our stance is clear... any breed that is "recognized" by the American Kennel Club becomes a shadow of itself.  The working ability of the dog is no longer valued, or protected.  The differences in "type" (as in the Jack Russell Terrier... long legged dog for fox bolting, short legged types for rats) is erased, with all dogs of the breed having to "conform" to only one type, most of the time being a type that is not in favor with working enthusiasts.  


Ask any of the working owners of breeds recently "recognized", and see what their opinion is.  The lines of Border Collies that are predominant in the AKC cannot and will not herd, the Parson Russell Terrier lines are incapable of hunting, and the list goes on and on.  Whenever a breed is entered into the AKC stud book, its abilities in its chosen field disappear! 


The Dutch Shepherd is a working dog; whether they are outstanding family companions and protectors, livestock guardians, high-in-trial competition dogs, physical and emotional assistance dogs, search and rescue dogs or Police K9’s.


In hopes of maintaining this rich heritage by promoting and protecting the integrity of the working Dutch Shepherd, we organized the Dutch Shepherd Dog Club of America in 2012 with our end goal to meet the United Kennel Club requirements for establishing a National Breed Club to promote good sportsmanship in the breeding, training and exhibition of the Dutch Shepherd under the standard established and approved by the UKC in 1995.   The United Kennel Club designated the DUTCH SHEPHERD DOG CLUB OF AMERICA the Provisional National Breed Club for the Dutch Shepherd (USA-123 CON NA) in 2014, and we are now following the additional 5 year process required to achieve full National Club status.


We wish to educate the public and promote the Dutch Shepherd breed in a responsible manner, and hope to prevent the downfall that can occur with AKC sanctioning similar to what has become of the German Shepherd breed under the AKC auspices in the last 40 years.  


The Board of Directors of the Dutch Shepherd Dog Club of America (DSDCA) stands firm in our opposition to this detrimental movement by the AKC regarding the Dutch Shepherd.  Our qualifications for taking this strong stance become clear when reading of our involvement in the breed under the United Kennel Club registry.  We have bred more UKC titled Dutch Shepherds than any other breeder in the world!  (The United Kennel Club is the largest all breed performance registry in the world, registering dogs from all 50 states and 25 foreign countries.)


We have bred Dutch Shepherds that have earned the following 690 UKC titles and 168 distinctions of merit: 


( 8 )  GRCH-Grand Champion

(27)  CH-Champion

( 1 )  UACHX-United Agility Champion Excellent

( 1 )  UACH-United Agility Champion

( 4 )  UAGII-United Agility II

(13)  UAGI-United Agility I

( 5 )  UCD-United Companion Dog

( 1 )  UCDX-United Companion Dog Excellent

( 1 )  UROC-United Rally Obedience Champion

( 2 )  URX2-United Rally Excellent 2

( 2 )  URX-United Rally Excellent

( 9 )  URO3-United Rally Obedience 3

(10)  URO2-United Rally Obedience 2

(19)  URO1-United Rally Obedience 1

( 5 )  SPOT-Socialized Pet Obedience Test

( 3 )  SPOT-ON-Socialized Pet Obedience Outstanding Neighbor

( 5 )  FO-Family Obedience

( 3 )  AOB-Protection Alert Obedience

( 3 )  PA-Protection Alert

( 3 )  OB1-Protection 1 Obedience

( 3 )  P1-Protection 1

(31)  PTN-Nosework Pre-Trial Novice (Birch)

(27)  NC-Novice Container

(28)  NI-Novice Interior

(22)  NE-Novice Exterior

(23)  NV-Novice Vehicle

(22)  NN-Novice Nosework (NC,NI,NE,NV)

( 4 )  NHD-Novice Handler Discrimination

(24)  PTA-Nosework Pre-Trial Advanced (Anise)

(17)  AC-Advanced Container

(17)  AI-Advanced Interior

(19)  AE-Advanced Exterior

(18)  AV-Advanced Vehicle

(18)  AN-Advanced Nosework (AC,AI,AE,AV)

( 3 )  AHD-Advanced Handler Discrimination

(20)  PTS-Nosework Pre-Trial Superior (Clove)

(19)  SC-Superior Container

(16)  SI-Superior Interior

(10)  SE-Superior Exterior

(12)  SV-Superior Vehicle

(11 )  SN-Superior Nosework (SC, SI, SE, SV)

(15)  PTM-Nosework Pre-Trial Master (Myrrh)

( 9 )  MC-Master Container

( 9 )  MI-Master Interior

( 6 )  ME-Master Exterior

( 4 )  MV-Master Vehicle

( 4 )  MN-Master Nosework (MC, MI, ME, MV)

(12)  PTE-Nosework Pre-Trial Elite (Vetiver)

( 6 )  EC-Elite Container

( 8 )  EI-Elite Interior

( 4 )  EE-Elite Exterior

( 6 )  EV-Elite Vehicle

( 4 )  EN-Elite Nosework (EC, EI, EE, EV)

( 2 )  EHD-Excellent Handler Discrimination

( 7 )  UNJ-United Novice Jumper

( 8 )  UJJ-United Junior Jumper

( 3 )  UJJCH-United Junior Jumper Champion

( 1 )  GJJCH-Grand Junior Jumper Champion

(13)  USJ-United Senior Jumper

(11)  USJCH-United Senior Jumper Champion

( 4 )  GSJCH-Grand Senior Jumper Champion

( 1 )  UMJ-United Master Jumper

( 1 )  UMJCH-United Master Jumper Champion

( 1 )  GMJCH-United Grand Master Jumper Champion

( 3 )  UUJ-United Ultimate Jumper

( 6 )  UUJCH-United Ultimate Jumper Champion

( 1 )  GUJCH-Grand Ultimate Jumper Champion

( 4 )  USF-United Supreme Fetch It

( 8 )  UUF-United Ultimate Fetch It

( 4 )  UUFCH-United Ultimate Fetch It Champion

( 3 )  UWP-United Weight Puller

(14)  CA-Coursing Aptitude

( 2 )  CAX-Coursing Aptitude Excellent

( 2 )  RATI-Barn Hunt Rat Instinct

( 5 )  RATN-Barn Hunt Rat Novice

( 4 )  RATO-Barn Hunt Rat Open

( 2 )  RATS-Barn Hunt Rat Senior

( 1 )  RATS-Barn Hunt Rat Master

( 1 )  RATCH-Barn Hunt Champion

( 1 )  CZ8B-Crazy 8s Bronze

( 1 )  CZ8S-Crazy 8s Silver

(46)  HIT-High In Trial

(42)  TOTAL DOG AWARDS (Breed AND Performance qualifier at same show)



(10)  BIMBS-BEST IN Multi-Breed SHOW

( 7 )  RBIMBS-Reserve BEST IN Multi-Breed SHOW

( 4 )  BISS-BEST IN Specialty SHOW




( 3 )  Super Dog (titled in conformation, obedience, agility, rally and weight pull)

( 1 )  Rally 3 Obedience ALL-STARS (all breeds) 2014

( 1 )  Rally 2 Obedience ALL-STARS (all breeds) 2014

( 1 )  Rally 1 Obedience ALL-STARS (all breeds) 2016

( 2 )  Rally Obedience TOP JUNIOR (all breeds) 2014, 2015

( 2 )  Obedience TOP JUNIOR (all breeds) 2014, 2015

( 1 )  Agility TOP JUNIOR (all breeds) 2014

( 1 )  AKC Agility TOP DOG in BREED 2017

( 6 )  BHA TOP DOG in BREED 2015 (2 tied), 2016 (3 tied), 2017

( 1 )  UAD No.1 Distance Jumper (longest jump of any breed dog all season) 2013

( 1 )  UAD National ULTIMATE Jumper Vice-Champion (all breeds) 2013

( 1 )  UAD National JUNIOR Jumper Champion (all breeds) 2014

( 1 )  UAD National JUNIOR Jumper Vice-Champion (all breeds) 2015

( 1 )  UAD National SENIOR Jumper Champion (all breeds) 2016

( 2 )  UAD National SENIOR ELITE Jumper Champion (all breeds) 2014, 2015

( 1 )  UAD National MASTER Jumper Champion (all breeds) 2016

( 2 )  UAD National CHECKERS (Service Dogs) Vice-Champion (all breeds) 2014, 2016

( 1 )  UAD National CHASE-IT Champion (all breeds) 2014

( 1 )  UAD National MASTER ELITE FETCH-IT Vice-Champion (all breeds) 2017

( 1 )  UAD National MASTER ELITE FETCH-IT Champion (all breeds) 2016

( 1 )  UAD National ULTIMATE FETCH-IT Vice-Champion (all breeds) 2017

( 1 )  UAD National ULTIMATE FETCH-IT Champion (all breeds) 2014

( 2 )  UAD National ULTIMATE CATCH-IT Champion (all breeds) 2016, 2017


( 6 )  UAD TOP DOG in BREED 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2016, 2017

( 3 )  U-FLI TOP DOG in BREED 2014, 2015, 2016



We have also earned the following 91 UKC titles and 7 distinctions of merit on Dutch Shepherds we own but did not breed:  


(10)  CH-Champion

( 1 )  UAGI-United Agility I

( 2 )  URO1-United Rally Obedience 1

( 1 )  SPOT-Socialized Pet Obedience Test

( 2 )  FO-Family Obedience

( 1 )  AOB-Protection Alert Obedience

( 1 )  PA-Protection Alert

( 2 )  OB1-Protection 1 Obedience

( 2 )  P1-Protection 1

( 1 )  OB2-Protection 2 Obedience

( 1 )  P2-Protection 2

( 2 )  OBPD1-Police Dog 1 Obedience

( 2 )  PD1-Police Dog 1

( 5 )  PTN-Nosework Pre-Trial Novice (Birch)

( 4 )  NC-Novice Container

( 5 )  NI-Novice Interior

( 5 )  NE-Novice Exterior

( 4 )  NV-Novice Vehicle

( 4 )  NN-Novice Nosework (NC,NI,NE,NV)

( 3 )  PTA-Nosework Pre-Trial Advanced (Anise)

( 2 )  AC-Advanced Container

( 3 )  AI-Advanced Interior

( 4 )  AC-Advanced Exterior

( 3 )  AV-Advanced Vehicle

( 2 )  AN-Advanced Nosework (AC,AI,AE,AV)

( 2 )  PTS-Nosework Pre-Trial Superior (Clove)

( 1 )  SC-Superior Container

( 1 )  SI-Superior Interior

( 1 )  SE-Superior Exterior

( 1 )  SV-Superior Vehicle

( 2 )  PTM-Nosework Pre-Trial Master (Myrrh)

( 1 )  MC-Master Container

( 2 )  PTE-Nosework Pre-Trial Elite (Vetiver)

( 1 )  UNJ-United Novice Jumper

( 2 )  USJ-United Senior Jumper

( 1 )  USJCH-United Senior Jumper Champion

( 1 )  UUJ-United Ultimate Jumper

( 1 )  UUJCH-United Ultimate Jumper Champion

( 1 )  GUJCH-Grand Ultimate Jumper Champion

( 1 )  CA-Coursing Aptitude

( 4 )  HIT-High In Trial

( 1 )  Reserve BEST in Multi-Breed Show

( 1 )  Rally 1 Obedience ALL-STARS (all breeds) 2011

( 1 )  UAD National MASTER CATCH-IT Vice-Champion (all breeds) 2017


Our Dutchies have consistently ranked in the UKC TOP 10 Breed Standings since 2006 (the first year multiple Dutch Shepherd dogs began appearing in the UKC Top 10). 


  • 2006:  No. 3
  • 2007:  No. 1
  • 2008:  No. 2, 5, 7, 10
  • 2009:  No. 2, 3
  • 2010:  No. 1, 4, 4, 4 (3 tied), 7, 9
  • 2011:  No. 1, 1 (2 tied), 3, 4, 6 
  • 2012:  No. 1, 2, 5, 9
  • 2013:  No. 1, 2, 6, 8,10,10 (2 tied)
  • 2014:  No. 1, 4, 5
  • 2015:  No. 1, 2, 4, 6
  • 2016:  No. 1, 3, 7, 8, 9, 10  
  • 2017:  No. 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 8  (Year-to-date)


Our foundation male and female ROM-X PD1 P1 PA FO CH Schefflers C’est Touché Cher Car BTr CGC (Touché) and ROM-XX NN URO1 UAGI P1 P2 PD1 FO Vrijheid’s Adrenaline Rush BTr (Rush) are the only 2 Dutch Shepherds to earn the UKC's Police Dog 1 title.  This pair's daughter ROM-X AN URO3 UAGI UCD UJJ GRCH Cher Car's Snap Decision BH CSAU CGC (Snap) was the first Dutch Shepherd in the world titled in the four UKC venues of Conformation, Rally, Agility and Obedience, and her sister ROM-X RBIMBS PTE ME MC SV AN USJCH UCD CA UWP URO3 UAGI GRCH Luna van Cher Car CGC (Luna) was the first UKC Dutch Shepherd Grand Champion "Superdog" (having earned titles in the 5 UKC venues of Conformation, Obedience, Agility, Rally Obedience and Weight Pull).  Luna was also the FIRST dog (of ALL breeds) titled in every UKC event open to all-breed competition (Conformation, Obedience, Agility, Rally Obedience, Weight Pull, Lure Coursing, Dock Jumping and Nosework).


We were also overjoyed when our breeder/owner/handled ROM-XX BIMBS CH Cher Car's Roja Caliente (Cayenne) became the first Dutch Shepherd awarded BEST IN SHOW at a UKC conformation show, and now her daughter V1(6x) IntCH/NatlCH MBISS(2x) MBIMBS(5x) RBIMBS URO1 GRCH My Girl Tessa of Cher Car CGC (Tessa) is the most BEST IN SHOW winning Dutch Shepherd in UKC history.  Our additional record setters are NGRCH EN EHD UWP CAS UAGII URX2 UROC UCD GSJCH GRCH Laser Dragon von Cher Car SPOT CGC P1 PD1 CGC (Colt) who is the UKC's most titled Dutch Shepherd and UUFCH GUJCH GRCH Cher Car's Ring of Fire (Cash) who was the 2013 UKC Top Ten No. 1 Dutch Shepherd (conformation) AND the 2013 No. 1 (of ALL breeds) Distance Jumper in UAD long dock competition, plus the 2014 UAD National FETCH-IT Champion (all breeds) and the 2014 National CATCH-IT Champion (all breeds).  Cash was even featured in a dock jumping competition on Late Night with David Letterman!


Lastly, we are very proud to have produced the following Dutch Shepherd service dogs that help make a better world for those around them:


BAJAH - Hillsdale County (MI) Sheriff's Department PSD K-9

TASER - Lake County (MI) Sheriff’s Department PSD K-9

DUKE - St. Johns (MI) Police Department PSD K-9

DUTCH - Wyoming (MI) Police Department PSD K-9

IZZY – Madison (WI) Cadaver PSD K-9

MONGO - Michigan Dept of Corrections PSD K-9

ZILLA - Michigan State University (MI) Police Department PSD K-9
GRIFFIN - Haslett (MI) Narcolepsy with Cataplexy Alert and Response Dog
TRACER - Hampton Bay (NY) Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Dog
GOOSE - JIBC Narcotics Detection Dog- BC, Canada PSD K-9
REGGIE - Morrice (MI) Police Department PSD K-9
BLITZ - Jasonville (IN) Police Department PSD K-9
TORI - Vermont State Police PSD K-9
JAX - Kaplan (LA) Police Department PSD K-9
JONAH - Orleans County (VT) Sheriff's Department PSD K-9
LACE - Plainwell (MI) Migraine Alert Dog
CHASE - Osceola County (MI) Sheriff's Department PSD K-9
ZOE - Harrison City (PA) Police Department PSD K-9
REMINGTON - Plainfield (IL) Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Dog
MEELA - Saline (MI) MiSAR SAR K-9
JAX – St. Charles (IL) Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Dog
RYKER - Osceola County (MI) Sheriff's Department PSD K-9
HAVOK - Cheboygan County (MI) Sheriff's Department PSD K-9
ECHO – Hillsdale City (MI) Police Department PSD K-9
ALEDIA - Clare County (MI) Sheriff's Department PSD K-9
KATANA - Newport (VT) Medical Assistance Dog
MIA – Chicago (IL) Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Dog
MACEY - Chicago (IL) Transit Authority PSD K-9
RUE - Baltimore (MD) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Dog
BARON - Clare County (MI) Sheriff's Department PSD K-9
SPIDER – Carson City (MI) Neuromuscular Disease Assistance Dog
DYLAN - Cheltenham Township (PA) Police Department PSD K-9

MAGGIE – Wickenburg (AZ) Police Department PSD K-9

ECHO – Morrice (MI) Police Department PSD K-9

ISAIAH – Maricopa County (AZ) Search & Rescue Posse SAR K-9

KONA – City of Auburn (AL) Police Department PSD K-9

JET – Harrisville (NH) US Department of State PSD K-9

KARMA - Grosse Ile (MI) MiSAR SAR K-9

LUCIFER – Montgomery (TX) Police Department PSD K-9

HUNTER – Oakville (ONT) Dual Purpose Medical Assistance Dog

CHARLIE – Rochester (MN) Cataplexy Alert and Response Dog

SALEM – Chicago (IL) Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Dog

KILO – Des Moines (IA) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Dog

RICO – Brazoria (TX) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Dog

LIZZY – Mobile (AL) Department of Homeland Security PSD K-9

ARES - Warwick (RI) SWAT/Medic PSD K-9

BELLA - Dover (NH) Falck USA HRD/Evidence Recovery PSD K-9

ECLIPSE - San Antonio (TX) Police Department PSD K-9

BLUE - Evart (MI) Police Department PSD K-9

FADE - Virgo County (IN) District 7 Task Force SAR K-9


DOC – Chicago (IL) Psychiatric Service Dog

ECHO – St. Paul (MN) Hearing Alert and Allergy Alert (Gluten) Dog

APOLLO – Mount Pleasant (MI) Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Dog

LIMA – Winona (MN) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Dog

JASPER – Bridgeport (MA) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Dog

SISSY – Sault Ste Marie (MI) Hearing Alert Dog


Please show support for the high standard of excellence maintained by the United Kennel Club in promoting the working aspect of the Dutch Shepherd Dog (championing the TOTAL DOG philosophy by rewarding dogs that look AND perform equally well) by becoming a member of the Dutch Shepherd Dog Club of America.  Please also show support by “liking” our Dutch Shepherd Dog Club of America facebook page (click the icon in the left hand column) and refer it to other admirers of the breed and friends in the sport as well. 


Thanks so much!

Dutch Shepherd "Touche" (PD1 PA CH Schefflers C’est Touché Cher Car BTr - UKC #1 Dutch Shepherd Sire, UKC TOP 10 Dutch Shepherd 2008 #7 tied)
Dutch Shepherd "Rush" (URO1 UAGI P2 PD1 FO Vrijheid’s Adrenaline Rush BTr - UKC #1 Dutch Shepherd Dam)
Dutch Shepherd “Lothar” (CH Cher Car’s Mr. Right Now - UKC TOP 10 #1 tied Dutch Shepherd 2011)
Dutch Shepherd "Siren" (CA UNJ CH Chercar’s Lights’N Siren v Mosen CSAU BTr CGC -  UKC TOP 10 Dutch Shepherd 2010 #4 tied, 2011 #1 tied)
Dutch Shepherd "Cayenne" (BIMBS CH Cher Car’s Roja Caliente - 1st Dutch Shepherd awarded BEST in MULTI BREED SHOW)
Dutch Shepherd “Becker” (UJJ UAGII URO3 CH Cher Car’s It’s My Perogative CSAU CGC - UKC #7 Dutch Shepherd Sire, UKC TOP 10 Dutch Shepherd 2008 #5 tied)
Dutch Shepherd “LaBelle” (P1 PA FO GRCH Marshall’s LaBelle of Cher Car CGC - UKC TOP 10 Dutch Shepherd 2007 #1, 2008 #2 tied, 2009 #2, 2010 #1)
Dutch Shepherd “Nada” (UAGI CH Cher Car’s Don’t Be Fooled CSAU BTr CGC - UKC TOP 10 Dutch Shepherd 2010 #7 tied)
Dutch Shepherd “Snap” (URO3 UCD UAGI UJJ GRCH Cher Car’s Snap Decision BH CSAU CGC - UKC #8 tied Dutch Shepherd Dam, UKC TOP 10 Dutch Shepherd 2008 #10, 2010 #4 tied, 2012 #2, 1st Dutch Shepherd titled in 4 UKC venues of conformation, obedience, agility & rally)

A message from the President of the Dutch Shepherd Dog Club of America:
Cheryl  Carlson with UAGII URO3 UJJ CH Cher Car’s It’s My Perogative BTr CSAU CGC (Becker), 3x winner of K9 MI Challenge Protection Dog Tournament (2011, 2011, 2013)
In 2012, a second group of individuals began discussing a way to get our beloved Dutch Shepherd breed into the registry of the American Kennel Club.  First of all, I want you to understand a little about my background.  I am a working breeder (and have been since 1977).   Yes, I compete in many venues, but my heart, head, and spirit lies in the biting dog.  I have bred good examples of German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, Rottweilers, and Dutch Shepherds.  Even my Jack Russells do bite work!


So, that is why the Dutch Shepherd that WE love, the working, tireless, trainable athletic healthy dog we see on a regular basis needs to stay FIRST a working dog.  To that end, the only registry that will make sense is the United Kennel Club. 


Some of the statements that I’ve heard, and my answers, are below.


“I don’t have any UKC clubs or events in my area, so I may as well try to get my dog registered with the AKC so I can compete in something.” 


Go on line, visit the website.  There are events all over the country.  No, it might not be in your backyard, and you may have to drive a bit.  If there are none in a reasonable area, FORM YOUR OWN CLUB!   Promote UKC to others, and you may find that there is plenty of interest in a working UKC club in obedience, agility, rally or  whatever you desire.  Our UKC Dog Events Club just expanded our license to include Nosework, which would be right up any Law Enforcement trainer’s alley!


“I really don’t approve of UKC; it seems that they allow any pedigree, without research”. 


Does it really matter?  How do you ever know if the dog you are importing from Europe is what his pedigree says?  Who determines which foreign registry is “real” and which ones are “fake”?   What is important is the next generation, what we do with our dogs when they are on American soil.  The names on the pedigree don’t make the dog better;  his genes, his titling, and his health checks are what matter.  This is the beginning of the purebred Dutch Shepherd here, and the names of the dogs behind this first generation of dogs here won’t matter one iota in a few years.  Our dogs come from a place that values their ability WAY before which dog was his grandparent.  We cannot limit ourselves based on this thought.  Our dogs need to be performance tested and bred, and who are we to question what the parent country of origin does?


“Well, AKC recognition is going to happen, no matter what I do, so I may as well just go along with it”. 


NOPE!  It is NOT a done deal, and it won’t become one unless we working dog people make it happen!  Read carefully the requirements right from the AKC website.  If we don’t waste our time registering with the AKC, they will NEVER get the numbers they need! 


Read the AKC Guidelines for Registering a New Breed below:


If the goal for your breed is AKC recognition please consider the action items below after your breed is in the FSS®.


The recognition process begins with admission of the breed to the Miscellaneous Class.


  • A national breed club with representative membership of about 100 active households is expected for a breed to be placed in the Miscellaneous Class. The amount of active households needed can vary depending on the number of dogs recorded in the FSS®.

  • A breed entering the Foundation Stock Service® based upon being an established breed in a foreign registry must have reached full FCI recognition to be eligible to request Miscellaneous Class status.

  • Create a breed standard. Final approval is made by the AKC Board at the time the breed is approved for full recognition.

  • Form some active committees such as a rescue committee or a health committee, put on shows, and publish a quarterly newsletter. A committed AKC liaison is also keeping AKC updated on the club's various activities provides documentation of the fanciers' dedication to full AKC recognition.  Current officer and membership lists must be on file with the AKC.

  • A minimum of 150-200 dogs with complete three-generation pedigrees, owned by many different individuals residing in various parts of the nation, must be recorded as part of the criteria for approval to move to the Miscellaneous Class.  A club representing the breed must be in existence to request eligibility for the Miscellaneous Class.   The more dogs you record with the FSS®, the more committed AKC believes the fanciers are to achieving full recognition. If the breed club has not submitted its breed registry for entry into FSS®, the club is required to do so when moving to the Miscellaneous Class.   If more than one club exists, the selection of the Parent Club will occur prior to the breed being eligible for full recognition at which time the breed standard will be finalized.

  • A dog must be enrolled in the AKC FSS® with a three-generation pedigree to be eligible to be entered and compete in the Companion Events.

  • Stay in contact. The AKC moves forward with recognition of breeds whose fanciers want the breed to be recognized. The Parent Club must maintain a minimum of annual contact with the AKC providing updated membership lists, documentation of club business and activities.  The breeders and exhibitors are to demonstrate ongoing interest and responsible breeding practices.

  • Normally breeds remain in the Miscellaneous Class one to three years. Advancement to full registration will be contingent on growth in enrollment of dogs in FSS and participation in AKC events.  However, breeds with 1,000 or more dogs enrolled in FSS® may be evaluated after six months in Miscellaneous; these breeds will remain in the Miscellaneous Class a minimum of 18 months.   Breeds with less than 1,000 dogs will be evaluated at the end of each year in Miscellaneous.  When all criteria are met, the information is presented to the AKC Board of Directors for approval to move to full AKC recognition and breed conformation competition.


  • Request for the Miscellaneous Class will be contingent upon the following:

  • A Parent Club has been selected to represent the breed. Parent Club selection will be based upon the documentation of: the club history and conducting of business, the participation in AKC Events by the membership and participation in AKC Meet the Breeds and RDOD.

  • The Club has balloted the membership to seek AKC Recognition.

  • A minimum of 150 dogs with three generation pedigrees are enrolled in the AKC Foundation Stock Service.

  • The Breed Standard has been revised in accordance with the AKC Breed Standard Guidelines.


  • Request for Regular Status will be contingent upon the following:

  • The Constitution and By Laws has been reviewed by AKC Club Relations and is consistent with those recommended for Parent Clubs.

  • The Club submitting  documentation of holding Annual Meetings and Board Meetings in accordance with the Club Constitution and By Laws.

  • The Club submitting documentation of election of officers in accordance with the Constitution and By Laws including copies of ballots and results.

  • The Club submitting  documentation of conducting events for the membership, which may include independent Specialty Shows, educational programs for the membership, participation in AKC Meet The Breeds and Responsible Dog Ownership Day events.

  • The membership of the club is a minimum of 100 households, geographically distributed throughout the country.

  • The minimum number of dogs enrolled in the AKC Foundation Stock Service has increased to a minimum of 300-400 dogs with three generation pedigrees in the case of breeds that entered the Miscellaneous Class with a minimum of 150 dogs.

  • The participation in AKC Events is geographically distributed throughout the country with a minimum of 5 different dogs owned by Parent Club Members earning a Certificate of Merit.

  • The Club has conducted a minimum of two Open Shows for Miscellaneous Class and FSS breeds.  The Club may request to hold additional events geographically distributed throughout the country.

  • A minimum of one year has elapsed since entering the Miscellaneous Class unless the breed has over 1,000 three generation dogs when entering the Miscellaneous Class, then the club may request full recognition after six months.

I have heard that some working folks registered their Dutch Shepherds with the Puerto Rico Kennel Club (Federación Canófila de Puerto Rico®) therefore obtaining FCI papers on their dogs to then submit for registration with the AKC FSS® program, but the people forming the AKC breed club put a stop to that practice!  (Only pedigrees from certain select FCI member countries are deemed eligible to register into the FSS® program as pedigrees from other FCI member countries are now being declined.)  Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face!  But at any rate, they don’t have the personality, product or farsightedness to make this happen WITHOUT OUR HELP.  So, PLEASE do NOT attempt to register your Dutch Shepherd with the American Kennel Club.  Every breed that has ever “made it” into that registry has become a shadow of itself, a pretty shell (and sometimes not so pretty, have you seen the typical AKC German Shepherd lately?) of what a dog can be.  Do not let the show line snobs do to our breed what was done to the American line German Shepherd Dog in my lifetime.  Stand your ground, and this too shall pass!

UPDATE - More requirements have been added!


During the AKC Board of Directors Meeting in October 2014, the Board discussed NEW REQUIREMENTS for breeds in the FSS® program.  The Board Meeting Minutes state: 


"The Board discussed the criteria for the acceptance of breeds into the FSS® as well as to their advancement to Miscellaneous and to full registration. Staff was directed to add a health component to the criteria. Prior to accepting a new breed into the FSS©, there would have to be a documented health survey of the dogs and the national breed club would be required to outline its plan to address health and other new issues that surfaced in the survey.


The same criteria will be placed on breeds for advancement to Miscellaneous and current Miscellaneous breeds prior to advancement to full registration and Championship Competition.”

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Used with permission from Dog World Graphics – Kosice, Slovakia
Used with permission from Dog World Graphics – Kosice, Slovakia Registered & Protected